Ryxal and Zylaverse

Everyone’s thought about an old high school classmate.

It’s just plain human curiosity. High school is played up to be one of the main turning points of our lives, one of the biggest links of the chains leading us from childhood into the world of adults. Given the importance of high school in our lives, it’s only natural to reminisce to who we once were and who we became.

For some, reminiscing on the past is a dance of nostalgia and happiness. For others, it can be a source of pain and grief.

By 25, Julianne Jefferson truly has become a picture of success. As the semi-famous hot tub streamer Zylaverse, she has built a loyal following of viewers and a steady stream of donations. But behind the smiles and two-piece swimsuits is a lonely actress trapped in her own golden handcuffs who hides a secret in plain sight.

On the other hand, Caleb Rosenberg has become a shell of a man. Once a star high school running back who had a bustling social life and was well on his way to a dream career, he now spends his nights trying to forget his biggest failure while fighting a crippling addiction he can’t claw himself out of.

On the surface, the two former classmates would not have any reason to reunite, especially given the harshness of their last interaction. But as they reunite, they find not only compassion for one another, but also rediscover a belief each felt once upon a time:

“Heroes don’t always win, but they never give up.”

Cover Art by BookCover4U (https://bookcover4u.com/)