The 10 day writing challenge!

To start off August, I took the 10-day writing challenge! As I understood it, the challenge was simple: take a story from book cover concept to published story in 10 days. It’s somewhat like a speed-run of NaNoWriMo, but without any sort of set word expectation.

As you might have seen, I got mine done! Katydids and Fisher Cats is now available on Amazon. It’s a pretty short horror story, only about 5000 words or so. It’s definitely shorter than I wanted it to be, but part of that had to do with a busy work schedule, plus only having one weekend in which to work on it. The story itself flows decently well IMO, but due to the time I definitely don’t feel like the characters have any real sort of depth.

Overall though, it was fun and definitely a good bit of writing practice for me. I’ll likely do this a few more times over the next few months with one major change: next time, it’ll be a 15 day writing challenge. I see no reason to leave weekends up to the realm of chance. 15 days ensures I have two solid weeks, plus a day for editing.